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Flying Photographs



Flying Photographs

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 04, 2010 3:31 pm

Some of the photographs that Razgriz Official Photographer Tonder takes. Identification will be available when possible. Most instructors use planes with custom paint schemes.
--Superintendent Ender teaching the class how to perform a refueling
--Officer Tonder, the photographer being photographed
--SkyMarshal Nord (Front) and Deputy SkyMarshal Merdesa (Back)
--Razgriz Military Academy Instructors, Left to Right: Officer NotYou, Deputy SkyMarshal Merdesa, Superintendent Ender, SkyMarshal Nord Belka, Deputy SkyMarshal Chazz, Deputy SkyMarshal Melutar.
--Several Trainees shooting down drones
--SkyMarshal Nord watching a groups progress
--Last years graduating class

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