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WFF Recruitment Contest - READ ME ASAP


WFF Recruitment Contest - READ ME ASAP  Empty WFF Recruitment Contest - READ ME ASAP

Post by Guest on Mon Feb 09, 2015 8:51 pm

First Place: 6 mo/ 30$ donations
Second Place: 4 mo/ 40 $donations
Third Place: 2 mo / 20 $ Donations
Fourth Place: 1 month 30 $ donations

3 Random drawings for 1 30 usd prize for all that participated

Contest length: 62 Days

Goal: Sign up as many new Nations as you can

Each new nation is worth your name entered to the drawing 1 time

New Nation must be active for 5 days prior to the drawing
New Nation Must be active within 3 days of the drawing
Recruited nation MUST have signed up on the forums

When you recruit someone send me the nation link, so I can add your name plus follow up.

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