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Post by Guest on Tue Jun 07, 2011 4:14 pm

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This game sounds like it's gonna be epic.

Fien wrote:Update:
June 05, 2011
After talking with kybudman, I will officially release this statement:

He has asked me, 'Which is the driving force of the game?' to which I responded it was the politics.

My Two Cents:
In my humble opinion, this game is obviously pushed by artificial politics. The player is not looking for just another nation building game that goes nowhere, but is instead searching for a game where the main emphasis is on the politics and community.

What does this mean for Global Masquerade's Future?:
The same it meant before this statement was given. In reality, all this means is that we are clarifying what our purpose of the game is for.

And so, the question was asked:
"So, this will turn out to be like another CN/NS catastrophe?"
Incorrect. This game will still be heavily saturated with features, but we will be focusing more of the code to react on what the player does rather than some predefined values or chance values, which will only come into play with things such as: National Events ; National Disasters ; and Supreme Court Decisions ,which the player will have complete control over on how to handle those situations (rather than a feared God-mod, which our staff is as heavily against as much as the players are).

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