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Atlantis Application



Atlantis Application

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 06, 2011 3:12 pm

Nation Name: Atlantis
Nation Ruler: William90
Nation url:
Why would you like to join The World Freedom Federation? Seemed the best offer I received by email
Have you read the charter? Do you agree to abide by it? Yes
Do you have problems/debts with any nation or alliance? If so explain: None
How much time do you think you can be active on forums(hours,mins,etc.)?: 1Hr or so per night
Do you have any skills that you can offer the alliance(coding,graphics,etc.)?: None
Who recruited you?: Tonder

Economical Questionnaire

Do you have a Harbor?: No
What resources do you have?: Cattle & Coal
- Do you have full trades(5)?: No
Are you in peace mode?: No
What is your current Infrastructure level?: 29.10
How much tech do you have?: 1.50
Do you know what tech deals are?: No
- Are you in a current deal?: Ho
What is your current Defcon level?: 4
What is your current Threat level?: Low
What is your current Tax Rate?: 12%
Do you have Gov./Religion set to your populations desire?: Yes


Re: Atlantis Application

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 06, 2011 3:29 pm

Welcome to the WFF

Go to the "edit my nation" page and change your Alliance to WFF (type in under other)
A few things that will really help your nation are:
1. make your tax rate 28%
2. buy more infrastructure

We also have a chat site, which would be much easier to explain a lot of things.

You can go there at . type in your name and for the server put "coldfront" and for the channel put #wff

Hopefully i will see you there and welcome again

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