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The Sexy Kitten Accords (PIAT with Paragon)



The Sexy Kitten Accords (PIAT with Paragon)

Post by Guest on Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:35 pm

The Sexy Kitten Accords

Preamble: This treaty puts on paper the Friendship, Sexiness and Love of Kitties that Paragon and the World Freedom Federation share.

Article I: Peace
Neither signatory will engage in any acts of warfare against the other. This includes declaring war, spying or aiding in any way an enemy of the other.

Article II: Friendship
Members of both signatory alliances will treat each other with respect in both public and private channels of communication. They will also frequently share pictures of kitties.

Article III: Sexiness
Both Signatories should know that Rosenator of Paragon and Tonder of WFF are Sexy, and should be praised for their sexiness on a daily basis.

Article IV: Intelligence
Both signatories will inform the other signatory should information concerning the other signatory be made known. Or, if either receives a cute kitty picture or steamy Sexy picture They will share it with the other immediately

Article V: Aid
Either signatory may request financial and/or diplomatic aid of the other signatory. This is not compulsory, however, it is highly encouraged.

Article VI: Cancellation
If either signatory wishes to cancel this treaty They must notify the other forty-eight hours in advance. This treaty remains active for this time period.

Signed for the World Freedom Federation:

Nord Belka

Deputy Skymarshal

Deputy Skymarshal

All Federal officers and Federal Citizens

Signed for Paragon:

Patriarch of Communication, Rosenator
Patriarch of Foreign Affairs, R3nowned
Patriarch of Education, Tigersgo09
Patriarch of Defense, Asmodeus

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