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Share and Conquer (ODP with VA)



Share and Conquer (ODP with VA)

Post by Guest on Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:30 pm

Share and Conquer
Optional Defence Pact
Veritas Aequitas and the World Freedom Federation

In an atmosphere of friendship and mutual respect, the undersigned Alliances, Veritas Aequitas and World Freedom Federation pledge to uphold the following articles of this Optional Defense Pact.

Article I: Sovereignty (We're us)
At the signing of this treaty, both WFF and VA agree that they consider each other sovereign entities.

Article II: Nonaggression (That means no shady stuff!)
None of the nations listed as members of either alliance may declare war on any nation of the other signatory alliance. Providing aid, be it in the form of military, money, technology, or knowledge, to enemies of the other, or commit acts of espionage against the other, is a strict no-no.

Article III: Friendship (Spread the love)
Both VA and WFF like each other a lot. Therefore members and leaders alike, of both alliances, agree that they will treat each other with respect, decency and understanding, as they would show their own alliance brothers and sisters. Healthy and heartily debates, discussions about everything and nothing, as well as constructive criticism, are not restricted. Both signatory alliances and their members are however expected to show maturity, consideration and tact by going through the right ways and channels, if and when they have a concern to address.

Article IV: Aid (Spare a dime)
If it so happens, that one signatory alliance, were to become the subject of a violent episode, said alliance would look in the other signatory alliance' direction. The other alliance should be willing to contribute and help the alliance in need with financial aid.

Article V: Intelligence (Knowledge is power)
The signatory alliances both agree that they will share, and pass on, any and all information regarding the other signatory alliance when information is obtained. Sharing of said information will be carried out in the proper and private channels.

Article VI: Optional Military Assistance (Can we share?)
None of the signatory alliances are legally obligated to request military assistance, however, should such a request be made by one alliance to the other, the other alliance is highly encouraged to jump in and participate. The encouraged alliance should have a vote in their council or other form of decision making body, to determine if assistance should be granted. If no request is made by one of the alliance' which is in need of military aid and intervention, it is still highly encouraged that the other alliance comes to the aid of the other.

Article VII: Withdrawal (It's embarrassing enough as it is)
If either signatory alliance feels that this treaty has been unjustly violated and diplomatic negotiations have not offered any sort of resolution, they have the right to withdraw from the treaty by the expressed will of either alliance's respective decision making bodies. Notification of withdrawal from the treaty must be given to the other signatory alliance seventy-two (72) hours in advance of the cancellation.

Signed for Veritas Aequitas

Lord Protector

Lord of Foreign Affairs

Amanita phalloides
Lord of Armed Forces

Lord of Economic Development

Lord of Recruitment

Lord of Internal Affairs

Signed for the World Freedom Federation

Nord Belka

Deputy Skymarshal

Deputy Skymarshal

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