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Sahabat Nusantara Pact (NEW)

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Sahabat Nusantara Pact (NEW) Empty Sahabat Nusantara Pact (NEW)

Post by chauncy on Mon Oct 05, 2009 11:22 pm

Sahabat Nusantara Pact


In the interest of friendship, protection, and guidance with Nusantara Elite Warriors (NEW), World Freedom Federation (WFF) agreed to the following Protectorate-MDoAP agreement. May our friendship continue to flourish, and our growth be mutual. We hope that the relationship between protector-protectorate continue to flourish as well as achieving goals of both alliances.

Article I: Sovereignty

NEW will respect the sovereign and the independent of WFF and this pact shall serve only to embody the friendship and trust amongst the signatory alliances.

Article II: Full Assistance

NEW will appoint special envoy to WFF, and he will look over the progress of WFF throughout the agreement or until this pact is cancel. He or she will work like diplomat. So any notice can tell him at NEW embassy at WFF’s board.

WFF can follow the step given on the growth of the alliance which will provided by NEW.

NEW is responsible in providing the necessary financial assistance for WFF to help them grow. NEW also will watch over the success and growth of WFF as NEW will give the necessary guidance and assistance.

Article III: Peace, Respect, and Friendship

NEW and WFF agree to coexist in a state of peace. Both of them will not engage in military action against each other. If it does happen, both the alliances will discuss it in civil way and with respect towards each other.

It is important if both alliances can maintain a respectful and civil action towards each other at all times and any differences will be handled privately.

We are friends. That’s all.

Article IV: Foreign Affairs

WFF agrees to vote for NEW's chosen nation to bit for senate seat in White Sphere. NEW will announce who is NEW’s chosen member through IRC.

WFF is not allowed to sign treaty above PIAT without giving NEW a notice within 48 hours of the plan. WFF will also contact NEW before signing any treaties with another alliance and will discuss such decision with them.

Article V: Protection, Defense, Aggression, and War

NEW is responsible to protect WFF militarily and financially. In case if WFF got attack by foreign nations, NEW will provide the assistance within 24 hours of the event and also will step into the discussion on reparation with the attacker. NEW will attempt to resolve such issue on behalf of WFF through diplomatic means before force is being used.

All signatories will have the option to assist any other signatory with an offensive military action in any manner they see fit. No signatory will be required to assist any other signatory with an offensive military action, though it is encouraged to help in any way possible.

WFF agree to alert NEW if they have decided to go on the offensive towards another alliance within 72 hours of doing so. WFF will never declare war on another alliance without discussing it first with NEW’s government.

Article VI: Merging and Disbandment

NEW will be sad if her protectorate decides that they can no longer function as an alliance, if it does happen WFF will contact NEW’s Government within 24 hours of the problem. If disbandment can be avoided, NEW will do everything she can to help WFF avoid such fate.

If WFF would like to merge with other alliance, WFF will give a 72 hours of prior notice. And any problem should be discuss within these 72-hour.

Article VII: Termination of the NPP

WFF may cancel the agreement if they think it is unnecessary to have NEW as her protector and it will be understood by the Government of NEW as it will also void all terms and obligations of this pact.

WFF agree to notify NEW’s Government within 72 hours before this protector-protectorate relationship ends.

NEW can cancel this pact if WFF violated the agreement above or NEW feel it is necessary to let WFF growth independently without NEW’s assistance anymore.


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