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JTClark, Application



JTClark, Application

Post by Guest on Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:49 pm

Nation Name: Pathelopia

Nation Ruler: JTClark

Nation url:

Why would you like to join The World Freedom Federation? Seemed like a good, solid alliance. Had a proper name, which I like as I take this game seriously. Plus, an extra 3 million wouldnt hurt.

Have you read the charter? Do you agree to abide by it? Yes, I agree.

Do you have problems/debts with any nation or alliance? If so explain:No, none.

How much time do you think you can be active on forums(hours,mins,etc.)?: Most days 20-30 minutes. If I were needed Id be able to be on for much longer.

Do you have any skills that you can offer the alliance(coding,graphics,etc.)?: I dont know if it counts, but about a year ago I was an active member of a 50 person alliance. I was the military leader for that alliance. So, I have leadership exeperience. The head of he alliance quit playing, along with his second command, and we fell apart. I quit playing, but am back for a second go at things.

Who recruited you?: NotYou was their ruler name.

Economical Questionnaire

Do you have a Harbor?: No, just started the game.

What resources do you have?: Iron, and water.
- Do you have full trades(5)?: No
Are you in peace mode?: No
What is your current Infrastructure level?: 61
How much tech do you have?: 0
Do you know what tech deals are?: Yes, I know what they are, but have never participated.
- Are you in a current deal?: No
What is your current Defcon level?: 5- Peacetime
What is your current Threat level?: Low
What is your current Tax Rate?: 28%
Do you have Gov./Religion set to your populations desire?: Yes


Re: JTClark, Application

Post by Guest on Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:57 pm

Approved, welcome Very Happy. Please change your AA to WFF and join the white team if possible. Check into your squadron ASAP. If you have any questions about what they are, or which one you are in just ask.

It would be AWESOME if you could get on IRC. The best way to do this is go here Set your nickname as JTClark[WFF] and we can help you out more from there Very Happy
Be active on irc and the forums por favor.

Sign up for tech deals using Our guides are here, just for reference
Talk to Tonder about your trades. You have good resources, take advantage of that Smile

I'm sending you the quiz right now, ask me or gov if you have any questions on the questions.....that sounded weird lol

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Re: JTClark, Application

Post by Melutar on Mon Aug 09, 2010 10:02 pm

Welcome to WFF, I'm Deputy Skymarshal Melutar. Let me know if you have any questions! We'll be on IRC for a while if you know how to get on Smile

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Re: JTClark, Application

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