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Yousaf Khan

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 19, 2010 2:20 pm

Nation Name: Yousaf Khan
Nation Ruler: Yousaf

Nation url:

Why would you like to join The World Freedom Federation? when i new joine this game every one was massaging me to joine their ally so i pick one because i think its gd to me in ally you can do team so i joine this alliance.

Have you read the charter? Do you agree to abide by it? I have read the Articles of Federation and I do agree.

Do you have problems/debts with any nation or alliance? No

How much time do you think you can be active on forums(hours,mins,etc.)?: well i use PC 4 to 5 hours every day so i will be prity much active

Do you have any skills that you can offer the alliance(coding,graphics,etc.)?: i am not sure but first thing that my english is not that good i speak 4 languages

Who recruited you?: Ruler: NotYou Nation Name: MyNation93

Economical Questionnaire

Do you have a Harbor?: 0

What resources do you have?: Uranium and Suger

- Do you have full trades(5)?: No but i will do it soon

Are you in peace mode?: yea but i will remove it after 5 days

What is your current Infrastructure level?: 41.00

How much tech do you have?: 0

Do you know what tech deals are?: nop

- Are you in a current deal?: No

What is your current Defcon level?: 45

What is your current Threat level?: Low

What is your current Tax Rate?: 25%

Do you have Gov./Religion set to your populations desire?: The government is yes. My population approves of the religion 100% satisfied.

Thanks for ur time


Re: yousaf application

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 19, 2010 2:28 pm

Please change your AA to WFF and join the white team if possible. Check into your squadron ASAP. If you have any questions about what they are, or which one you are in just ask.

It would be AWESOME if you could get on IRC. The best way to do this is go here Set your nickname as yousafkhan[WFF] and we can help you out more from there Very Happy
Be active and check the forums daily if possible.
Focus on building your infra, don't worry about your tech right now. 50 is the best level for sellers
A harbor will be the first improvement you get. It gives you a bonus trade slot
Go to DEFCON 5 and low threat level
Raise tax rate to 28%
Learn about tech deals here(just to make sure you understand): and sign up for them using this: We strongly encourage that you sell tech, your nation will not grow nearly as fast without doing it. These are incredibly important.They will be something you cover more in the Academy, but reading them now is good. They are here:
Talk to Tonder about your trades. You have good resources, take advantage of that Smile

You have also been entered into the Federal Academy via this application. Upon completion of it you will be a full citizen of the World Freedom Federation. You will learn all about the game and this alliance so you can grow efficiently, and be a great addition to our alliance. I'm sorry, but we're making some improvements to the Academy so it may be a bit less smooth than we would like it to be. If you need any help just talk to anyone in government or your captain. Again, welcome and have fun.

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Re: yousaf application

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 19, 2010 2:50 pm

woow cool i likw the video it coolllllll Razz
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Re: yousaf application

Post by chauncy on Mon Jul 19, 2010 10:20 pm


nice avatar, although I'm not very good as the sniper Razz


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Re: yousaf application

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 20, 2010 11:40 am

hah thats sad Shocked well my favorite wappen is sniper and i am very gd in it salute if u have xbox u can add me my user name is ShooterKhan . Salute

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Re: yousaf application

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