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A Brief History of Razgriz Military Academy



A Brief History of Razgriz Military Academy

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 04, 2010 12:28 pm

Razgriz's role in our alliance's history dates back to the old days of war, when both sides realized the strategic importance of having students educated in military strategy and tactics. Nord Belka considered Razgriz Military Academy to be the most important strategic learning positions in the Federation. Belka personally selected NotYou, one of the heroes to have served with honors, to design the plan for Razgriz, and Belka transferred all students seeking military tactics and leadership to Razgriz. Other officers built ideas, plans and lessons. Razgriz is the oldest and most prestigious continuously occupied military education centers in all of Planet Bob.
Many current officials have gone through Razgriz, the most notable ones being:
SkyMarshal Nord Belka
Deputy SkyMarshal Chazz
Deputy SkyMarshal Merdesa
Deputy SkyMarshal Melutar
Federal Education Officer NotYou
Economics Officer Tonder
Federal Defense Officer Ender

A glance at this list indicates that the entire government of WFF went through Razgriz at one point or another. We can't promise results but we sure can say that if you go throughout Razgriz, you will immediately catch the governments eye and skyrocket above your peers.
Upon completion of Razgriz, you are awarded a special ribbon to denote that you survived Razgriz. This ribbon grants an immediate advantage over other members, as said ribbon indicates that you are trained in the art of war. With perseverance and loyalty, you may find yourself one day invited to teach at Razgriz, become a Federal Officer, and perhaps, the Superintendent of Razgriz.

Officer Ender
Federal Defense Officer, Superintendent of Razgriz Military Academy

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