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Important announcment. All must read



Important announcment. All must read

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 26, 2010 3:06 pm

Hello citizens of the World Freedom Federation, we have made a huge advancement in our internal structure. I feel that this is one of the most important internal advancement this alliance had had. Some of you more observent folks may have noticed it. This is the introduction of the Federal Academy. Now what is the Federal Academy and how does it work? In a simplified form:

-The WFF's new education system. All new citizens must graduate it to become a full citizen of the WFF.
-The applicants will have to pass a quiz and learn about everything in our guides. They will have to be active and they will have to be irc active unless given exemption.
-Applicants will be assigned a mentor to help them with the Academy and everything else in CN. The mentor will aslo get to know the future citizen on a personal basis. For now, mentors will be gov members, until we get a larger influx of recruits. When we need more mentors, we will tell all of you.
-Current citizens may take part and get a mentor to help them. I feel that this is something many people in this alliance could profit from. There are some simple things that we can all fix, and its the job of the alliance to help you, and your job to let us help you.
-Ask any questions you have about it. We all need to be informed, its your job to ask us questions so we can help you.

That last point ties into a goal I have for the alliance; 50 members by this time next months. How can you help us reach that goal? You can recruit, pm me or post in this thread if you wish to recruit. I will help you out. I hear it now, "ZOMG notyou, I cant recruit!!!!!!!!!". That's okay too, you can still help. Be active on irc and the forums. keep everything interesting around here, that's how we'll keep more people around. Its time for some serious growth. Lets roll boys and girls!!

o/ The World Freedom Federation

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