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=WORLD FREEDOM FEDERATION NEWS BUREAU= (brought to you by Buzz Beer Co.)

Post by Nord Belka on Tue Jun 01, 2010 10:23 am

Excerpt from the Skymarshal's interview on our involvement in the UJWII

...the War is long over, yet we must not forget the reasons why so many sacrificed so much in the cause of freedom. The cost of wearing the uniform can be high, but... sometimes it's too high. You know, when we fought the enemy, we did it to save ourselves from tyranny then from extinction. But we never answered the question Why? Why are we as an alliance worth saving? We are unique in the idea that we are a small yet large alliance. The structure of the alliance when larger will still have the small alliance feel for every member to be important. We are also unique because we value loyalty and friendship over infrastructure and infantry. There are alot of evil forces on planet bob, forces that would like to see that greed, control and overall dominance trumps loyalty and courage. Sooner or later, the day will come where freedom, loyalty and honor will reign supreme, this day has come closer with the formation of the VNV Bloc.

Economists forecast increased economic growth!

Citizen camps within bombed out metro areas shortly after the war 03-17-10

With the war being that of only memory now, rebuilding has been the main concern. With growth taking off slow at first, many were uncertain of recovery efforts. Now with the overall NS exceeding 325k and tech deals at their highest in months, a complete recovery is within sight. It is important to make as many tech deals as you can and sled as much as possible. Contact your Economics Officer for more information or catch any ranking official. IRC usage is also highly important during these times of peace, we can get to know each other and also get your nation as fit as possible for the next big one! Remember, a self sufficient nation will help ease strain on wartime aid pools, helping win a given conflict.

Aid being delivered to a village within Hapland after a bloody conflict

Letter to the Editor:

Good Times, and Good Eats. -Merdesa

Diplomatic dinners; buffets fit for kings and lunch dates with the highest of heads of state; the food is exquisite yes, but it lacks the pizazz a free spirit such as myself craves. I yearn for the action that crepes over peace accords cannot do justice (even if they're blueberry filled). So where does a leader such as myself fill this hole? --Where can a man of my stature, be with the proletariat without the fear of a trip to the guillotine? (How then will I wear my caps?)

Dave & Busters! The divine playground I call it! A gastronomical and arcadial ambrosia; a playing field that is level for each individual, and founded on the principles for each his own turn at skee-ball (or if that doesn't tickle your fancy, whack-a-mole is one of my favorite past times).

Food selection varies upon location but ranges from greasy pizza to grease with pizza flavor added (from concentrate). Beer is on tap and easy flowing, they have a fine selection and a few select brews in bottles, but I tend to drop them. At people. In the face.

The waitstaff is amazing! The ladies are well rounded (in all the right places) and what can I say? They all adore me --constantly coming over "hey there handsome! How's everything?" I know I know I know, I am the leader of a pretty well off nation, so my power makes things wet. Security has a stick up it's ass though; avoid those neckless cretins like the plague... hocked up on so much testosterone you'd think they pop balls like grapes.

Overall it's a wonderful experience! Take your family!

International News

One Year for the WFF!

World Freedom Federation Official in dire straits

PB (News Affiliate)—Following dozens of complaints from waitstaff and numerous incidents of property damage over the past 10 years, representatives from the Dave & Buster's corporation, a bar-restaurant chain offering a wide variety of arcade games, announced today that Deputy Skymarshal Merdesa has been permanently banned from all 55 locations nationwide.

The lifetime ban came after the heavily intoxicated Federal Officer was forcibly ejected from an Arkinawa, Shanoa* Dave & Buster's earlier this week for destroying a Whac-A-Mole game, which the deputy skymarshal claimed had been "rigged." According to the ensuing police report, Merdesa became verbally abusive when asked to leave, calling several employees "a bunch of killjoy cocksuckers."
"We are saddened that such extreme measures had to be taken in regard to the deputy skymarshal's recent behavior," said Dave & Buster's spokesman David Weldon, adding that posters with Merdesa's image on them have been distributed to all locations. "However, Mr. Merdesa has been given many, many chances to act in a responsible and respectful manner while enjoying the great food and fun that Dave & Buster's has to offer. Unfortunately, he has failed to do so time and again."

"In the interests of the safety and well-being of our patrons and staff, we must insist that the deputy skymarshal never set foot in another Dave & Buster's ever again," Weldon continued.

One of the alliances's second-in-command expressed his displeasure with Spin N Win's "bullshit" ticket payout system.

Though the scope and severity of the ban are unprecedented, Weldon said that several individual Dave & Buster's locations have previously expelled Merdesa for lengths ranging from six weeks to two years, with the first occurring in Acus, Atheros* in 1990. According to records, Merdesa visited that location while campaigning for his fourth Senate term, and kicked over a Galaga arcade game after getting into a verbal altercation with a server over a $16 tab.

Bans from Hoffnung, Acai, Corona and Dinsmark locations followed, with the most notable interdict coming in 2006 at the high-profile Dave & Buster's restaurant in Times Square. Sources said that Merdesa, attending the grand opening of the establishment, asked several waitresses if they wanted to "get a daisy chain going" and then placed two Skee-Balls down the front of his cutoff jeans.

After being confronted by a manager, Merdesa reportedly threw several air-hockey disks into the dining area as an ill-conceived distraction and was tackled by a security guard while running toward the exit.
"He was loud but basically not bothering anyone at first," said Miami Dave & Buster's manager Rick Perelson, who was forced to ban Merdesa from his restaurant in 2002—in part for physically ousting a 14-year-old from a Dance Dance Revolution arcade game. "That is, until he got really drunk and started telling other customers what they should order."

"And after what he did to the bathroom, I was really left with no choice," Perelson continued. "Just disgusting."

According to other Dave & Buster's employees, Merdesa has not historically respected the bans that have been placed on him. After he was barred from the Dinsmark location in 2007, the federal official would reportedly do burnouts in the parking lot with his Trans Am while waiting to pick up a waitress employed there at the time, a woman identified only as "Candi."

Though Merdesa's problems with the Dave & Buster's company appear to be unique among those who have held his office, he is not the first federal official to run afoul of a business. In a famous case in 2009, Chazz was barred from entering any location of the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company in the state of New York after a series of episodes involving the upending of pickle barrels.
And Melutar was told to "never set foot again" in the Children's National Medical Center of Washington following a 2009 incident.

Despite having described Dave & Buster's as his favorite restaurant dozens of times in the past, Merdesa is evidently unperturbed by the lifetime ban.

"Besides, my 15-year ban from the Hustler Club is up next month, so it don't really matter anyway," Merdesa added.


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